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"As a designer of pontoons for fly fishing I have used every fin marketed to pontoon and float tube fisherman extensively over the years, including my own fin design. For the past year I have been using the Amphibians to navigate my pontoon, and they are far and away finest fin available for the application. I personally have hundreds of river miles on a single pair and now resell them on my own site as a must have accessory. No more stumbling in the water. Now, you can actually walk a gravel bar with your fins on!" Dave Scadden, Owner/Designer North Fork Outdoors
"Amphibian Flipfins™ will change the way instructors teach diving too, as this fin can be slipped on at any stage of the gearing-up process. It no longer has to be the last thing you do before entering the water. Divemasters and instructors will also love the fact that they can have their own fins on and ready to go but still be able to enter and exit the water as many times as they need to without the additional effort of putting on and taking off their fins every time." Mike Hughes - PADI Master Instructor, Author of The Northwest Dive Guide. Buy Here Amazon.com Ever since I saw them on the back of a dive Magazine and then on your website I've been hooked. I am like every other diver that has ever complained about moving around with fins and getting back on the boat. I finally got a pair for myself. These Fins are AWESOME!! I'm sure I will enjoy them for the life of my diving hobby. Thank you again for a great product! George J., Sport Diver West Palm Beach, FL The fins really caught my attention at a dive show, but I was skeptical and hesitant. To my surprise, my girlfriend surprised me with a new pair of Amphibians while packing for my Bahamas trip in March. I took them on the trip along with my original fins just in case I didn't like the new ones. My old fins never got wet. We did a total of 6 dives and even during the surface interval on the boat I never even took the Flip Fins off. I kind of forgot that I was even wearing them until a little later. It was so easy and nice all the way around. Extending and retracting them was really easy. Climbing the ladder to get back on board was a snap. Thank you for the innovation. Nick O., Sport Diver Foster City, CA Outstanding design for a new fin. I was very impressed at how easy it is to lock and unlock them. Jack W., Dive Instructor Lakewood, CO As an instructor, this particular fin has a multitude of advantages. The most important of these being that it makes movement in the shallows of a pool while critiquing students practicing skills at the surface just that much easier. Lowering the don and doff time (no fumbling) allows me to dedicate more time to my students during the initial stages of learning scuba where students are unfamiliar with the equipment and feel slightly clumsy. Most importantly, my need to remain at-the-ready when students and adventurers are diving deeper than I can reach in a free dive. Should an emergency situation occur that requires an expedited entry into the water, I will already have my fins on. I simply re-don my BCD and fast-splash as a rescue diver. Stoney McC, Scuba Pro Springfield, MO With my wife getting certified this coming summer and needing to begin her gear selection, she asked me for advice and I recommended the Amphibian fins. The stability while on the boat or dock these fins offer has made entrance and exit much safer. When it comes to family, safety is my priority. Jeremy B., Sport Diver Normal, IL This is a great fin. Powerful, comfortable, and most of all EASY TO WALK IN." Sizing: feels true to size. Pros: Accommodates boots, comfortable, efficient. Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend. Jason "fishman" S. Culpeper, VA Best fins ever!
If you make shore entries or dive off a boat, you gotta try these fins. They allow easy forward movement on the shore or on the boat deck without fear of tripping or stumbling. Better yet, you do not have to flip them down to locking position by hand. The first downward kicks automatically cause the fins to lock in the swimming position. When you get back to the shore, or to the dive boat, they easily flip up into the walking position even with gloves on. They have a spring type of heel strap that makes them very easy to get on and off. Not having to hassle with taking your fins off after a long dive is well worth the price of these fins. I have been diving with Mares Plana Avanti Quattro fins for years, and performance wise these fins are comparable. They seem to be made from high quality materials, and fairly light weight, and come with a nice carrying bag. I think this is the best innovation in diving gear since the hose less integrated dive computer. By Tell It Like It Is “music lover”
"The Amphibian Fin is by far the most operationally effective swim and dive fin that can be worn when exiting aircraft during water jumps. In the past you had to either bend your fins up, hang them from your belt or secure them to your leg and put them on in the water. With the Amphibian Fin you merely need to secure them with heavy duty tape to prevent them from opening during freefall, remove the tape once you are under canopy and the rest if effortless. As soon as you enter the water and take one kick the fin engages thus increasing the overall safety of the jumper. A must needed modification that will increase operational readiness and safety across the board. (Kevin J., Master Diver, Naval Special Warfare)
"During a dive, our team typically has one searching diver in the water and one 90% ready diver on the surface in case the searching diver needs help. This diver has 10 seconds to hit the water. The Amphibian fins cut that time in 1/2 and increases the possibility of saving lives." Kent K., Dive Team Leader Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Public Safety Department, CA
"The Stealth model rescue fins make entry and ascent significantly quicker and safer. The energy and time saved donning my fins before the rest of my gear cannot be under stated. The best part...I love the propulsion I get swimming in the Amphibians. As an avid rescue diver and sport diver, I am excited about the opportunity to switch to these fins." Doug C., Rescue Diver IL Fire Department
I love diving but hate to put on my fins with all the bulky dive equipment on. I have actually pulled muscles in my back and shoulders trying to put on my fins in the water before a dive. The Omega Amphibians will allow me to put my fins on before I walk to the lake and make EVERYTHING about diving enjoyable. Paul M.
What pleasure it was to dive with these fins. No more straining my back putting my fins on.I wish you could of come up with this idea years ago. Al C.
Love the fins!My sons purchased them for me for Christmas 07 and they are the best diving gift I ever have been given!They make boat entry MUCH safer and far simpler. I can’t say enough good about them from my own experience. John T.
These fins are way over due - thanks to the brilliant mind behind this fantastic design! In South Africa, we have 10 divers on a semi-rigid rubber duck loaded with cylinders in the centre of the boat - try putting your fins on with less than a foot of floor space surrounded by 9 other divers in a very confined space and often rough surface conditions - it’s quite something! Usually you end up in the craziest positions with your buddy fastening your fins for you! Flip Fins are definately the way to go! Lecia de V.
WOW I am one happy dad! My three sons purchased the flip fins for me for Christmas and I can’t think of anything I have ever been given (except for my sons) that I have totally enjoyed from the first time I put them on.I will be a very supportive fan and spokesperson for your product form now on. John T.
As a Military diver I am looking at it from a tactical view. Not having to put fins on and off when going from the water to the woods allows me to focus on security and stealth. For us Speed is security. Also, when jumping from an airplane into the, it is ocean difficult to walk out the back of the airplane with fins on your feet and it takes up too much time to put fins on while steering the parachute. I see a great application for Special operations water infiltration. Stephen M. US Army
Ever since I saw the Omega Amphibian’s I fell in love with them. I think the dynamic fins will improve my diving experience greatly due to the fact that I go to school in San Diego and like to do a lot of Beach dives. Most Recently on a beach dive with my dive buddy the water was very surgy and made it very difficult to strap on our fins. After our fins were secure and we started heading out to our dive spot, it was strenuous to kick with my fins being one solid hard piece. Once I reached my destination I was exhausted from kicking against the surge. Although if I was using the Amphibian fins I know it could cut my travel time down, and increase maximum bottom time. Due to the ease of strapping them on and walking straight in, and with the central web design increase propulsion making it easier to kick. I should be able to maximize my kicking efficiency to it’s full potential and not exhaust myself to early in the dive. Furthermore I would prefer the Amphibian’s on my next boat dive, for the reason that they are perfect when leaving the water. Just a simple click and begin ascending the ladder, No more hassle with trying to remove fins in the water and throwing them up on deck before exiting. In addition, I love the fact that its engineered with raised tread to help acquire more of a natural walk, such as having your boots on. And with high slip resistance on slippery surfaces make’s it safer and more enjoyable on future dives Kevin K.
This is incredible! At last it won’t be so hard to navigate in and out of the water making our dive experience much more enjoyable. Thanks, thanks, thanks! JoAnna S.
I’ve been looking for this fin for many years. And, now, at age 77 It looks like I have found the Holy Grail, well not really, but I’m looking forward to buying a pair as soon as possible. Getting pushed around by the wave surge is no fun and walking backwards never appealed to me either. Sam H.
Avoiding the danger and sometimes hellish return to the boat after coming up to 5-6 Ft. waves seems like a NO-BRAINER. GREAT IDEA! Sherri B.
Diving in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts, the coast is very rocky. We call them ankle busters. These new fins would make all the difference in SAFE diving. They are what is needed for diving in our area, and will open up many sites that now to difficult to access. Thanks Dave. DAVID D.
I think this is an idea/design that most divers will say to themselves "It’s about time someone came up with this" or "Why didn’t I think of that?" Anytime we try to make shore dives, or walk to the edge of the boat for a boat dive, we stumble, lose our balance, or just feel like the most clumsy human to ever try to walk in normal fins. I predict that these will be the new ’HOT’ item for diving, and I will definitely put these on my ’wants’ list. These new fins will totally change my confidence and ability to enter the water, from shore or boat. Safety factor will be huge for these, since divers won’t loose balance or have to walk backwards while wearing heavy BCD/tank combo, and getting hit by waves at the same time. No more pulling fins off to hand to the boat crew when climbing a ladder. I already have to hand over my weight pouches from my weight integrated BC, one less thing to worry about while getting back onto the boat. These new fins look like they would be a blast to use. Nice design, and about as simple a mechanism as I’ve ever seen in a piece of diving equipment. Nice job!!!! Jerel M.
Great for beach dive saves all the problems of walking backward. Also, it will help me get back into the dive boat without taking off my fins. At 58 year old ever little bit of help is good Samuel H.
I’m intriqued by the flip fin. Being of short stature and of slightly limited mobility because of recurrent back pain, the flip fin would help my diving by not look like a wounded water buffalo putting my fins. Mark D.
I shoot photo & video on almost every dive. Having to rely on the crew to safely pick & hand me my gear is not always a pleasant experience. These fins will allow me to safely carry my own equipment while walking forward to the exit point knowing that the possibility of stumbling has been virtually eliminated. Also from my experience diving from boats with a center console to place photo equipment, there ins’t enough room if you are seated to put your fins on period. These fins will allow me to be ready and other divers will be able to pass by with ease. SAFETY AND FUN all in one package---what a great concept!! Denny C. Instructor 88294
Never again will my wife and I be flopping around in the surf, trying to remove or don our fins, as our teenager (who, understandably, is more agile and athletic than his "old fart parents") laughs, wisecracks and shows his superiority at attaching and removing his fins for our dives! Brett W.
This looks like a great idea. There are a lot of shore dives on the island, most of which have tricky entry/exit points. These fins would eliminate the "floundering" while attempting to remove the fins in the water or the backwards shuffle to get out with your fins on. Tyler N.
Hello, I am a P.A.D.I. instructor in the Midwest so we do a lot of shore diving here having this type a fin would be a life saver when we are doing open water dives because someone always forgets something or is under weighted and I end up running back on shore to retrieve more weight or whatever was forgotten and having to remove and replace my fins all the time is ..well time consuming so I believe have fins that flip up like this will save me lots of time and produce happier divers ( I know the instructor would be ) thank you , Terry. Terry F.
I have fallen on a dive boat, not because I was uncoordinated--but because someone else stepped on one of my fins as I moved to get into the water. This fin makes life a lot safer on crowded dive boats. We dive in warm water only and have been wearing full foot fins, this is a great alternative to traditional bootie fins. Holly E.
Being a larger diver (350lbs) it is very hard for me to put fins on or off using the traditional "figure 4" position. Many times I have to enter the water carrying my fins, and sit down to put them on. This is a very awkward and uncomfortable way of doing things. With your fins, I could put them on and walk normally, something that is impossible now. This would make diving much safer and easier for me and others my size. Thank you! George K. PADI Instructor
Living in Canada has made me a frequent cold water diver. I enjoy both shore and boat dives in the icy waters of our Great Lakes. I believe Omega’s "Flip-fin" is a true innovation in scuba diving technology. It can make a significant difference in my diving. I find that whether I am doing a shore dive or a boat dive in the icy waters of Canadian lakes, all the additional gear, (i.e.: 7mm suits, hoodies, gloves, boots), make it quite painful when you simply try to put on your fins once in the water. Attempting to put them on prior to entering the water can be quite a challenge as well since any kind of movement that requires bending or reaching your feet in a thick wet or dry suit is extremely difficult. I am passionate about diving and the only part I have ever complained about is not the freezing waters of the great north nor the piercing winds when you exit the waters, it has always been the exhaustion and strain in putting on and removing my fins both in and out of the waters. This is why I believe Omega’s "Flip-fin" would make an immense difference in my diving experience, making it a truly 100% enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the all black fins would suit the rest of my gear PERFECTLY! Dinesh X.
Hi My son Joe is 14 and has cerebral palsy . He is a junior advanced open water diver. One of the major issues we encounter is removing his fins before he can climb a ladder. Scuba has opened up another world to my son. I just think it is terrific that new products are coming out to help those with disabilities. With the new fins Joe won’t take so much time getting into the boat and as we all know hanging around the ladder is a good place to get hurt. So you are taking some of the danger out of this sport for my son. Julia D.
I just recently started diving, i fell in love with the sport the very first dive i did in Fort Lauderdale. When i saw your new fin design i knew they were for me. Trying to walk with fins is too much of a hassle for me and trying to get them on just prolongs my dive. Aside from the fact it would make my dives more convenient, there’re just down right awesome fins! David T.
Flip fins would be a dream come true. I would no long have to crawl on my hands and knees up on shore, roll on my back and have my dive partner pull my fins off. Think of how they would save the knee pads on my dry suit!!! Christine E.
As a dive master, I dive at Catalina with dive classes quite a bit. At casino point at Catalina, the steps are often above the level of the water during low tide. Since the steps are the only entrance into the water and I am often helping students with their fins. Elimination of my own fin hassles, freeing me to help others is key. When exiting the water, the surge of the surf can carry away fins that are tossed up to the steps and since both hands are needed to facilitate climbing out of the water across slippery rocks, the "flip fin" is the perfect solution for the Casino Point low tide problem. The new high point for low tide will be the Amphibian at Casino Point. Don’t gamble without the Amphibian as your hole card. Know when to hold’m but with the Amphibian, know when to fold’m. Always a winner! Kevin K.