Flipfins® - Patented, award winning, high-performance scuba fins, swim fins, rescue fins, military fins, Special Forces fins, dive fins and fins for float tube and pontoon fly fishing. The world's only fins that provide total mobility in and out of the water.
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Amphibian® FlipfinsScuba Fins

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Ordinary scuba fins are not designed for walking, and putting them on before entering the water has traditionally presented a challenge for both novice and experienced divers. Finally, with the invention of Flipfins Inc. Amphibian® Flipfins®, the days of dragging your fins in and out of the water are finally over! Amphibian® scuba fins are a totally new class of dive fins and the world's only fins that allow for easy transition from walk to dive mode.

Flipfins® are uniquely designed to be strapped on prior to entering the water and removed after exiting. They allow divers to walk fully geared into the water, move freely on the dive boat, climb ladders and do other movements as easy as wearing ordinary shoes. Two-piece fin brought together by a special Aqua-Hinge™ allows the webbed blades to fold up out of the way to allow full mobility out of the water and click down with a first kick once in the water.

While diving, no other fin can match the power and comfort provided by Amphibian® scuba fins, which features a prominent central web configuration that contributes to increased propulsion and reduced load required during sustained kicking.

This simple concept has had a profound effect for Rescue and Special Forces divers for whom getting in and out of the water fast and safe is essential, not to mention recreational divers who do not want to deal with difficulty and awkwardness of flopping around their boats like a circus clown! Amphibian® Scuba Flipfins are currently available in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

•   Patented Flip Fin design provides total mobility in and out of the water

•   Easy transition from walk to dive mode

•   Walk fully geared up into the water when shore diving

•   Move freely around the dive boat

•   Easily climb dive boat ladder with fins on after the dive and avoid the drift

•   Ultra-light weight and neutrally buoyant

•   Blade's design offers the unbeatable performance and efficiency with minimum effort

•   Large, comfortable foot pocket with raised slip resistant thread design

•   Extended sole plate acts like a lever to enhance power stroke

•   Variety of colors to match any dive gear

•   Weight per pair: Large 4 Lbs (1.8 kg) and X-Large 4.4 Lbs (1.9 kg)


Flipfins® Size Chart

Large with Omega's Sizing Inserts7-940-42
X-Large with Omega's Sizing Inserts10-1143-44

Quick Release Fin Rubber StrapsBlack

Adjustable rubber straps with quick release buckles. Come standard with all Omega Aquatics Amphibian® Fins. 


  • Aqua-Hinge - Heavy duty hinge featuring Type 316 military grade anti-corrosive stainless steel springs and multi-functional lock housing built to prevent blade separation during kicking activity and hands-free operation.
  • Locking Switch - Extra sturdy blade locking mechanism with easy actuating release lever.
  • Limiter - Blade limiter flanges maintain fins at optimal angle to provide enhanced propulsion with less effort.
  • Web - Designed from Soft, durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the innovative web is designed to increase propulsion and reduce the load required for sustained kicking.
  • Blade Inlays - Additional TPE to increase coefficient of friction on blade.
  • Tread Design - Raised tread design with high slip resistance for walking on slick surfaces and curvature for natural walking mechanics.
  • Side Rib - Tapered design using a combination of materials increases elasticity while providing overall fin stiffness for increased power and kicking efficiency.
  • Foot Pocket - Soft TPE foot pocket, designed for fit and comfort.
  • Tip Design - Curved tip provides shin and knee comfort in walking position.
  • Frame Material - Strong, yet elastic polypropylene G3 shell to provide overall fin strength.
  • Blade Frame - Designed for strength while allowing optimal kick flex.
  • Strap Button - Molded button for custom, quick release strap assembly.

Quick Release Fin Rubber StrapsBlack

Adjustable rubber straps with quick release buckles. Come standard with all Omega Aquatics Amphibian® Fins. 


Comfort Custom Fit InsertsBlack

Custom padded inserts for Large and X-Large Fins. Inserts can be used for tropical diving with a neoprene sock and also to adjust the sizing from Large to Medium or X-Large to Large. 


Omega Aquatics Fin Bag

This special bag was designed for carrying all models of our Amphibian® fins. It features 100% nylon with mesh details (drain hole and side mesh), durable, adjustable one-shoulder strap and carrying handle. Has front pocket to fit mask, snorkel and the rest of accessories. It is available in black. 


Most recent review of Amphibian® Scuba Fins on ScubaBoard

Flipfin® debut

"Fins are like shoes when you walk, and like fins when in the water, cant move very fast up the ladder though, until you get all the way out of the water, then theyre KEWL!!! I was told that I looked like the "Predator" while I was walking around showing them off. I tried on another set of old style fins and felt like a cave man,,, kinda primitive. I havent had the Flipfins very long, but so far theyre a lot of fun. As far as being functional, I really cant tell if theyre any better, or any worse than average, but it sure is nice to be the first one in the water while everybody else is fiddling around putting fins on." William C.

Envy of the dive boat

"If you are a shore diver or a boat diver these are for you. There is nothing like being on a dive boat and having to waddle to the edge with all of your dive gear. When I put these on and walked around the boat helping the rest of the group don their gear I was the envy of the boat. They have good grip on the soles and snap into place easy. When shore diving they are a little tricky on rocks and have a little more resistance walking in and out of the water. Good propulsion properties moved well even in swift current all around a good buy highly recommend." Andrew B.

Omega Flipfins®

"Great fins!! Walk like a man! Easy to kick into position and easy to manuever. The addition of spring straps is the perfect accessary. Thank you." Michael M.

Nice product works as described

"These worked well on the tenders used to take us to dive site. Made it easy to move around in the restricted space. Good shin protection when getting back on board. Works well, decent propulsion properties." Doogie H.


"I am new to scuba diving but really love these fins. My open water certification class was held in a pool with 12 other people and my instructors loved my fins. I will be surprised if many of them dont end up with them. They made moving around the pool and the skills so much easier. I have since taken them to some of the local lakes just for snorkeling and it is amazing when I get to the island I am swimming for I just walk up on the beach while everyone else is fighting their fins and trying to take them off. Incredible product!" Brian S.


"This is a great fin. Powerful, comfotable, and most of all EASY TO WALK IN." Jason "fishman" S.

"Very well made fin. Takes some practice"

"Very well made fin, a little wierd to look at, but they acutally WORK!! Love being able to walk in the fins. The release catch is stiff and requires a little practice to get use to." Capt Tim

Flipfins® in Action

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