Flipfins® - Patented, award winning, high-performance scuba fins, swim fins, rescue fins, military fins, Special Forces fins, dive fins and fins for float tube and pontoon fly fishing. The world's only fins that provide total mobility in and out of the water.
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Amphibian® FlipfinsScuba Fins

With the invention of Flipfins Inc. Amphibian® Flipfins, the days of dragging your fins in and out of the water are finally over! Amphibian® scuba fins are a totally new class of dive fins and the world's only fins that allow for easy transition from walk to dive mode. 


Navigator® FlipfinsFloat Tube Fins

When fishing from either a Float Tube or an Inflatable Pontoon boat, Navigator® Flipfins are the most important and indispensible accessory. These ultra-lightweight and neutrally buoyant float tube fins will provide the maximum distance with minimum effort and best maneuverability. The best float tube fin design ever done! 


Stealth® FlipfinsMilitary & Rescue Fins

Stealth® military and rescue fins have proven to be vital for rescue and Special Forces divers who are in and out of the water all day. Both Stealth and Stealth Max models are used during airborne water entries, as in helicopter water rescue and Special Operations water jumps. They save time and energy and provide safety during diver's descent and entry into water. 


Stealth Max® FlipfinsMilitary & Rescue Fins

Stealth Max® military and rescue fins are designed to produce the maximum thrust and molded with a stiffer TPE compound, per specifications of members of the US Special Forces.